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Is He an Employee or a Contractor? Now’s the Time to be Sure.

By Cheryl Blazej | Aug 1, 2019

In February, Suzanne hired Philip to provide administrative help at $18/hour. She planned to let him work from home and set his own hours; to her, he was contract labor. Suzanne introduced him as her office manager and he begin to handle a lot of the client communication that happened during the business day. At…

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Saving Receipts… the process that feels like a waste of time. Until it isn’t.

By Cheryl Blazej | May 16, 2019

A $750 supply & equipment run at Office Depot nets you a lot of useful stuff and a receipt printed on thermal paper.  Three months later, you start having trouble with the printer you bought. You dutifully filed it away in your trusty receipt folder, but when you find it, it looks like this. The…

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Small Business Gotcha: Partnership with a Handshake

By Cheryl Blazej | May 12, 2017

New business owners have dozens of things to spend money on and will often skip over some of the things they don’t think they’ll need.  Consider this case of two best friends who decide to open a business together. The Scenario Bob and Joe have been best friends for 10+ years.  Bob is married and…

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Should Your Business Accept Credit Cards?

By Cheryl Blazej | May 12, 2017

For a small business, especially one just starting up, deciding to take credit cards is a big decision. Before you start shopping for the best service, consider how you’ll use it. What do you want your customers to do: use the credit card every time, or use it only as a last resort? If your…

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